Unfortunately, failed payments on subscriptions are inevitable - cards expire, or are cancelled, and sometimes there are insufficient funds.

When a payment fails on a subscription, you should contact your customer and ask them to update their card details.

However, there ARE some things you can do to prevent failed payments. Here are our recommendations:

1. Change your default Stripe settings

By default, Stripe will attempt to take a subscription payment 3 times and if that fails, it will cancel the subscription. You probably don't want Stripe to be cancelling your subscriptions without you knowing, so we recommend you switch this off. The video below walks you through how to do this.

You can find your Stripe setting for automatic payments here.

2. Set up some automatic emails 

Stripe allows you to alert your customer about a failed payment so they can update their card details - this maximises the chance of Stripe's next payment attempt being successful. But you need to set these emails up. 

You can do this from your Stripe settings area. You should enable to emails, and change the link so it points to your customer's Book That In account (https://bookthatin.com/Subscription/Manage), where they can update their card details.

This video walks you through how to do both of the above: